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Ideally, your son should have been given a trial of each class of stimulant, back when treatment first started. So you should already know how he might do on an amphetamine.


Regarding the Mylan generic and the missing laser-drilled holes I think they may be on the other side of the pill. I saw a friends 77mg Mylan generics, and some of the meds were drilled on the labeled side and some on the blank side. The hole on the labeled side was very difficult to see my friend couldn 8767 t see it even after I pointed it out. On her 77mg ones, it was right next to the start of the 7 on the label. If I hadn 8767 t picked up a pill with the hole on the labeled side first, I 8767 m sure I wouldn 8767 t have found it either I would have assumed they should just all be easy to see on the unlabeled side.

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No, sorry.  Generics are not the same as brand, no matter what some misguided pharmacists (and even physicians) might tell you. The generics are more precisely 8775 bioequivalent 8776 but that 8767 s not 8775 exactly the same. 8776

Is there a generic for Metanx?

I 8767 ve heard some ADHD pharma experts explain that the Mallinckrodt generic for Concerta works essentially the same as Ritalin LA. So, maybe that would be a place to start.

Yes, Joshua. That 8767 s what I mean! That 8767 s how they do it! The generic manufacturers don 8767 t have to show that the medication works as well as the brand. They don 8767 t have to give new data. They can use the brand 8767 s data.

Another very grateful reader here! Also glad to know I 8767 m not making this up. It explains what I 8767 ve been experiencing, & I 8767 m feeling just as enraged as you all. If you don 8767 t want to read my report below, here is my main point: Walgreens in San Diego told me they are still planning to get the (good) Concerta from Actavis saying 8775 That is the kind we always get. 8776 7 different reps assured me they don 8767 t see anything in their system indicating that they are changing suppliers, with the caveat that they can 8767 t guarantee that it will stay that way. ..

It might be worth checking out the newest methylphenidate option: Aptensio. There are usually generous savings programs with new products: http:///copay

So my kids have been on the Mallinckrodt Concerta for years and it works for them. We recently switched doctors, learned of the 8775 generic 8776 inequalities and switched to the Actavis (alza). It does not work for my children. All of their teachers called me the week I switched them to voice concerns over increased behavior problems, failing test, and increased impulsive behavior. So we have switched back to the Mallinckrodt, thankfully I had some extra. My concern is if they do d/c the Mallinckrodt, what will be our options.

I 8767 ll repeat one more time: The fact that this medication works for an individual—perhaps even exceeds Concerta 8767 s performance—has nothing to do with how well it approximates Concerta. And that is what generics are supposed to do: be very similar to the brand as far as the 8775 release profile 8776 .

You say the Trigen 8775 arrived today. 8776 You didn 8767 t pick them up at the store? Most mail-order Rx aren 8767 t for 85 days, but for 65 or 95 days. Always look at them before you buy!

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