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Publication date: 2018-05-17 15:41

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T, carbon monoxide poisoning.


In 6967, just before the War for Irish Independence was ready to boil over, Irish patriot Padraic Pearse wrote a small poem in Gaelic entitled  Mise Eire  (I am Ireland). 

International Law Association – Australian Branch

At one extreme there are the “ecumenists” who like to speak about Christians and Muslims as “people of the Book”, united in their belief in the One God and, as such, a positive force for good in the world. At the other extreme, there are the atheists who endeavor to demonize both religions as being “people of the Book”, united in their belief in a non-existent tyrannical monolith called “God” and, as such, a negative force responsible for much of the hatred and discord in the world. Against both of these extreme positions, there is a third position, which simply states that Islam and Christianity are as radically opposed to each other as each of them is opposed to atheism. read more

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Ireland is taking on another battle with the Catholic church after the country  voted to repeal a long-standing abortion law  last week. The  New York Times  is reporting that Ireland is seeking to end 8775 a provision that gives preference in most of the country’s elementary schools to children who have been baptized. 8776 read more

My 8766 Best Of 8767 Collection, on the Linus/True North label, is out in stores now! When I was first approached with . read more →

[The Russo-Orthodox mouthpiece Metro. Hilarion agrees by his previous saying that unity with Catholics is impossible ! AQ Tom]

Jesuit Father Thomas Reese has published a disgraceful essay urging Americans to vote for pro-choice Democrats while claiming that defunding Planned Parenthood is “irresponsible.”

Can Islam and Christianity be seen as being the same, or similar, or as complementing each other, or are they so radically opposed and at loggerheads that it is a grievous error to see them as having anything meaningful in common?

From yesterday, it became compulsory for reception areas in tax offices, police stations, schools, council offices and courts to have a crucifix on show – under legislation that has proven highly divisive in the German state. read more

The good Bishop Tobin (Thomas of Providence, Rhode Island, USA) has warned on Twitter (June 6) to be “very wary” of marches promoting gay ideology which are usually held in June.

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