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Publication date: 2018-05-14 06:53

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您好 frances, 對不起遲回函, 我不是每天到此的. 大家有缘能在網頁上認識真好, 請不要客氣. 很歡迎您去 facebook 和我做朋友, 我們大家分享不同食譜, 蛋糕等. 我做食譜是希望幫我們住海外僑胞能在自己家, 煮些容易食譜減低思鄉心情. 祝幸福和快樂.

Boa tarde Maria, aqui no Brasil são , só entrei para dizer que adoro seu jeito de transmitir as receitas, e elas são maravilhosas. abraços de sua amiga virtual Maria Lucia

Hi Sharen, thank you so much for your support. I made 蒸流沙奶黃包 video already, when we have time will uploads this video later. I have salted egg video. The link: https:///watch?v=Pr69UPHThHg Salty eggs, 醃鹹蛋. Have a great day

Hi, I don 8767 t understand which video. I have 7 mooncake Videos and both teach how to make the Skin too. please check my channel again. Thank you for watching. Have a nice day ^^

saw your dishes on u tube,,and want hear from you directly,,pls send..learning about my parents cooking thru your teachings, they didn 8767 t tell me how to cook.

Maria, 您好,感谢您分享那么多烹饪方法。我第一次学做月饼,用了7个食谱成果都不是很理想,上网找制golden syrup的方法时看到您精心制做的YouTube, 后来也看到您其他的YouTube,简直看到不想睡觉。第7天一早就学做葱油饼,非常好吃,后来也跟着您的教法做了golden syrup. 再从看一次您制做月饼的YouTube, 发现您没提到烘月饼时烤炉的温度,只提到烘的时间,请问一般的烘炉应该用几度来烘月饼呢? Susan Chan,新加坡的广东人。

Hello Maria Greetings from Finland what 8767 s up ? So long time we don 8767 t hear about you ok ?

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