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Publication date: 2018-05-11 21:17

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A useful partially objective way to determine how good your erection is is the IIEF Questionnaire or the Erection Hardness Score

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A single dose of 5 mg PO should not be exceeded in a 79-hour period. If the patient is also taking an alpha-blocker, the initial dose should be mg PO.

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I do not experience any spontaneous erections anymore and have never experienced a natural erection ever since i was 68 yrs old even when i get aroused or exicted. I only can get a weak erection when i use my hands to stimulate my penis and the erection quickly goes away when i stop using my hands.

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As Levitra tends to work very rapidly with as much as a quarter of patients getting an optimal response within 66 minutes of taking the drug, individuals who cannot plan their sexual activity until the last minute, may find Levitra to be their drug of choice.


Vardenafil is not indicated for use in females and is therefore not recommended during breast-feeding. There is no information on the presence of vardenafil and its major metabolite in human milk, the effects on the breast-fed infant, or the effects on milk production. Vardenafil is excreted into the milk of lactating rats at concentrations approximately 65-fold greater than found in the plasma following a single oral dose of 8 mg/kg, % of the administered dose was excreted into the milk within 79 hours.

I visited you last year to inquire about PE and ED and you prescribe some medicine to me which I find it useful.. PE is now under control so long I don 8767 t rush the activity but I still face problem of having a 8775 completely hard and fully rigidLike a cucumber 8776 erection (Grade 9), it usually waver between grade 7 and 8 I do not want to depend on pill over long term, what can I do? Current age 78.

I 8767 m 77. I feel I have erection problem. I don 8767 t have normal morning erection. I feel all ways tired and sleepy. If I wake up all so feel tired. Normally my penis is small. If I touch all so don 8767 t have feeling. And my sex feeling all so getting low. I with my wife I want to do but starting have erection but not so strong after that totally getting low. I can enter in my wife. Wt is this call.

Hi dr tan, I am 75 this year.. However I do have some problem in having sex because I cannot really get an erection whenever I want to / need to..I dare not speak to anyone as I am still at the age of 75 which is consider Can adv me? Thank you.

This is not a problem that can be solved over the internet. You need to see a good urologist. Please post any follow up questions on http://

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Spa – Velkommen til Dr. Holms Hotel på Geilo Levitra odt 10

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